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Love Starting My Day out with a Bang󾭚 #JohnFerrara♥️Always Knows How To put a Smile on My Face󾬖󾌵 #LOL today has been good so far My Zebra Diva Viviana had a Eval with EI and The Providence school department today she did great as usual this is just preparing her for when she starts school So Proud of Her and all the Progress She has Made󾌵 I Want to Thank Everyone Who Wished My Princess Alexis a Happy Birthday and Everyone who came by Too see her on her special day♥️Thank you for the Gifts she loves all of Them especially her iphone󾔥󾌵 I Appreciate everything and Im so Thankful for all of you♥️ 2nd Cake is on Sunday Another Great day with family & Of Course more presents for the birthday girl♥️ Poor Lexi had to have 3 Teeth removed today󾍀 She Took it like a trooper I feel so bad󾬎❤️ I Love My Family❤#GrateFul❤️ #FamilyOverEverything❤️ 󾭚Loved SOA last night Jax Killing Clay I Know Clay got Whats Been Coming to Him but still Sons wont be the same without him cant believe season 6 is almost over and season 7 is supposedly the last season I need all the seasons on DVD/Bluray #LOL #SOA #Obsessed #MyFavorite #JaxTeller 󾭚
Posted on: Wed, 20 Nov 2013 20:02:57 +0000

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