MESSAGE FROM OUR CHAIRMAN - STEWART GLENDENNING May I start by wishing all of our management, coaching staff, volunteers, players, parents and friends a very Happy Christmas and a peaceful and successful New Year. Since I came back to the club as Chairman in July we have gone through some very testing times together both on and off the field of play. The one thing that sticks out is the immense pride we all have in our football club. There have been some highs and lows but through it all we have stuck together to show our togetherness and that our spirit still shines brightly. There are always tough decisions to make and there still will be moving forward but I would like to thank the board for being there to help make those decisions. As I have looked around each age group it fills me with immense pleasure to see all the smiling faces from our younger children as they enjoy learning to play this magnificent game. Our coaches sometimes dont get enough thanks for everything that they do, so I want to publically thank all of them for their continued efforts. We have a number of volunteers at our club and it would be wrong of me to single anyone out so to all of our volunteers a massive thank you to you all. As we move up the age groups we have enjoyed alot of success and again that is down to our managers and our coaching staff. The competitiveness and eagerness to win and do their club proud shows at every game that they play and whilst we dont win every game our oppositon always know that they have had a game. Our senior side has struggled this season it is fair to say. Jimmy Simpson and Spennie along with Jamie have had a very tough season so far and whilst scorelines dont suport things I can assure everyone we are in a far better position than we were 2-3 months ago. They will continue to improve and to be competitve and with a bit more luck things will go their way. Our ladies continue to shine on the field of play with the results of all of their hard work showing in their socrelines. To our groundsman Graham Coles a massive thank you for all your hard work in providing the pitches for everyone who uses them. From the social club side of things it has again been a challenging year but were still there fighting. We try and put on events for everyone but dont always have the answers, so please approach anyone at the cub if you have an idea. We have our new fundraising committee who are working very hard to put events on and to all of them I thank them for their continued support and efforts. To all the volunteers who help out in the social club thank you very much for your continued support it is greatly appreciated. To all of our parents and supporters that stand in the wind, rain, hail & occassional sunshine I thank you. Being a Chairman of any football club is not an easy job and I am unable to do this without the support of all the players, parents and volunteers at our club and to each and everyone of you I thank you for that support. However it would also be wrong of me not to single out one person for their support. Without my wife Jane Glendenning none of this would be possible. Jane goes through every emotion that I go through both off the field but even more so on the field. I know from the players and the coaching team of the senior first team they really appreciate Jane being at every game for them to support them and to hear her cries of Come On Burton ! Sometimes its not easy for people to see the sacrifices that we make and Jane has made alot for me to enable me to do the role that I do with the pride and passion that I do. Shes always there to pick me up when things dont go our way and shows immense interest in all of our age groups. To my colleagues on the board Steve Harding, Debbie Harding, Doreen Coles & Alan Strickle thank you immensly for all your support and hard work that you put into the club I cant do this role without you. So may I wish you all a very Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year to you all. Thanks for all the support you have all given us this year and I hope for your continued support in 2015. Kind regards Stewart Glendenning Chairman of Burton Park Wanderers Football Club
Posted on: Wed, 24 Dec 2014 10:51:21 +0000

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