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MESSAGE TO ALL THE MAN UNITED FANS: 1.even if your greatest victory is 9-0 win over ipswich town in 1995, chelseas greatest victory is 13-0 against fc jeunesse in 1971, 2.even if you are the richest club in england,chelseapays its players the best, 3.even if you have a 76+ thousand capacity stadium,chelsea has the most expensive stadium to watch a match in, 4.even if you stopped arsenals unbeaten run in 2003/04 with a 2-1 win on their 49th match,chelsea stopped yours in 1999-00 on the 29th match with a 5-0 thrashing, 5.even if you have the best record against arsenal in your last 10 years,chelsea has the best record against the two of you in the last 10 years, 6.even if you have the best coach in netherlands,chelsea has the best in the world, 7.even if you have produced the 2nd best player in the world(c.ronaldo),chelsea has produced the midfielder with the most goals in the world,(super frank lampard, 8.even if you have an angel in your team,somebody somewhere is having jesus, 9.even if you are the best club in the city of manchester,chelsea is the best club in the whole world, 10.even if you have a player who was a finalist at the 2014 world cup (di maria),chelsea has a player who won it (andre schurlle)... CHELSEA ALWAYS THE BEST!!
Posted on: Wed, 10 Sep 2014 05:02:56 +0000

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