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MTV got a grip, society lost and payed as our heroes are as good as dead I thought if anything was to be learned from my first nights that I spent in South Korea was that you don’t get intoxicated and waltz out of a bar in the middle of the night, to a location you´ve only glimpsed at and with no recollection to the information of your hostel or street names. But nope, my weekend saw me storm out of a bar to the foreign streets of Granada which led me to wondering aimlessly for hours in all axis’s of the compass, breaking into and climbing construction sites, realizing florescent hi viz jackets make shit pillows/ body warmers and with an end result of me crashing under some random stairs in the street. To awaken to a public that looks and avoids you like the plague and beginning the wondering again, however this time in the daylight and with a hangover, still with nae clue to where I’m going. Coffee gets the heart beating in unnatural rhythms that I’m sure aint healthy and I promise myself again, I’m going straight, or getting better drinking company. This weekend did help me get started on the path of being a truer anarchist though; I no longer fund the government in killing people and have stopped smoking. Today I went for a mad wee hike, in toe is Blanca and Chip (two dogs) who now follow my every move and have begun sleeping in my tent, right couple of sidekicks. We hiked and blazed our own path through thrones and proper wilderness derby where we managed to get ourselves seriously lost rather rapidly. At one point we were met by 9 faces that popped up from the shrubbery, howling and barking followed as we had entered their territory .Thinking I see the path curl round the mountain we head for a shortcut. I think, I will just move this branch, climb along this tree, bend under this bush, and before I knew it I had taken another wrong turn and found myself in a deep valley on my hands and knees crawling through mud, thrones and discovering I was amongst boar nests. Wearing shorts the same length as my boxers my legs were a bloody mess. I try and climb up a waterfall thinking its source must be on flat ground and some sort of escape to the proper jungle I find myself in, it just got a lot more vertical. After causing rocks to fall with every step, watching a banana skin continue to roll down the hill I knew I was too high, I had to try and turn back. The thought I kept playing in my head was people who fall off cliffs if they feel as if they are going to die that day. I tell myself today wasn’t my day and I never felt I would, but maybe everyone does despite being faced with moments that were defiantly testing. The route home was met with a rather intense buzzing noise, I had guided us into a long line of bee hives, we managed to fight our dehydrated fatigued bodies and move quick sharp through this leg of the journey. Along with catching a glimpse of two snakes, which are a large phobia of mine, the heart was grooving on some new levels today. I enjoyed every moment of the challenges. xxx
Posted on: Sat, 08 Jun 2013 18:27:26 +0000

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