MY LIFE IS A TRUE STORY ~ A FLASH BACK 35 YEARS AGO! ;-) THE MORNING I THOUGHT I WAS GOING TO DIE IN THE BUSH!!!! We were on patrol 3rd day in the middle of nowhere!! It was 5 O’ clock in the morning and I was relieved on guard, I sat with the other chap for 5 minutes then went back to my sleeping bag. Once inside the sleeping bag I felt something move I froze, I called out to my buddy Louis who was the closest, I told him something was in my sleeping bag. Very slowly I moved out of the bag then there was a sharp pain on my calf something bit me! I jumped up Louis and I saw a big black snake come out of the sleeping bag!!! Someone else also saw the snake, then some prick mentions oh shit, that looked like a black mumba!!! I could hear my heart beating in my ears, started sweating with a headache second to non!! And a guts ache, and all the advice given made me feel worse , like don’t move you’ll help the poison move through you system quicker, within 20 minutes I felt like the end was coming. A chopper was requested and arrived an hour and half later, we were all taken back to grand reef. I lived to tell the story! The snake must have been a black mole snake, which is harmless, which I must have been allergic too… Identification The Mole snake can be identified by its uniform brown, grey or black colour (juveniles have zigzag or mottled markings), its preference for burrowing, a round pupil and highly aggressive self-defence display. It grows to an average length of 1.4 meters but may reach 2 meters in length. Pics of a Mole Snake. The mole snake is harmless. Just to give you an idea what I saw that day!!! And things to do if bitten by a Snake!! Check it out ~ wildlife-removal/snakebite.html
Posted on: Sun, 13 Jul 2014 10:55:44 +0000

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