MY REACTION TO THE STATEMENT ISSUED BY NGOME LEADERS IN MBEERE SOUTH ON MEDIA I think it is wise to point out that the County Government of Embu need go fast in addressing the issue stated by NGOME ELDERS about Mwea Land Settlement Scheme. The statements that they have released on media against the Hon.Mutava Musyimi of Mbeere South, in his intentions and or approach to the land issues in Mwea is not well put. Ngome leaders have released a statement which I would challenge and say , IT IS AN INCITING STATEMENT FOR THE PEOPLE OF MBEERE SOUTH. The people of Mbeere South have lived together in harmony and with a lot of peace and Tolerance with one another irrespective of their tribes, clan or language. I think that there is a better way to deal with the Land Issue in Mwea than the one which NGOME LEADERS HAVE STATEMENT IN THEIR STATEMENT. I expected the Elders to be mediators for peace and harmonious co-existence of tribes and clans in Mbeere South. But this has come out totally differently from my expectation. Their statement is proposing INSECURITY IN MBEERE SOUTH. It is my appeal that the County Governor of Embu may be in a Position to bring together the NGOME ELDERS AND THE MEMBER OF PARLIAMENT FOR MBEERE SOUTH , and create HARMONIOUS STATEMENT THAT WOULD BE ISSUED TO MEDIA TO CORRECT THAT A NORMALLY. May I also request that the Governor of Embu go fast and involve the RELIGIOUS LEADERS IN MBEERE SOUTH TO BE IN A JOINT MEETING for the same mission. The reason why I have decided to react to the NGOMES STATEMENT ON MEDIA IS BECAUSE I HAVE INTERPRETED THE STATEMENT TO MEAN A DECLARATION OF WAR BETWEEN MBEERE SOUTH COMMUNITIES AND THE COMMUNITIES IN EMBU. Note: This is my personal responses to the NGOME LEADERSHIP STATEMENT AND I WILL SEND THE SAME RESPONSE TO THE BISHOP OF ACK MBEERE DIOCESE FOR THE PURPOSES OF FOLLOWING UP WITH IT. THE STATEMENT MAY INTERFERE WITH OUR CHRISTIAN MISSION AND DEVELOPMENT IN MBEERE SOUTH/MWEA. Rev. Dr. Kitheka J Mumo.(ACK MBEERE DIOCESE)
Posted on: Mon, 08 Sep 2014 15:18:44 +0000

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