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Management Top Management Responsible for operations: The management team at A2Z E-Payments has four departments headed by C.E.O. Every department work on regular basis and perform the desired activities. they are all answerable to C.E.O. Core Competencies: Most of the employees working for A2Z E-Payments belong to FATA .we have the best IT staff available round the clock along with a dedicated customer support department. Expertise at work: Shakir ullah is the CEO of A2Z E-Payments, A brand name of Mm Private Ltd.An E-Payment Solutions Company based in Peshawar city of the Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa Province. He spearheads the firm’s strategy, cultivating its overall business and client base. Shakir ullah has previously held Management positions at various organizations inside and outside of Pakistan. Shakir ullah has vast experience in building and running of service Related ventures coupled with his knowledge of Teaching at one of the most prestigious institute in Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa (IMSciences),sales, Marketing and P.R .A Post graduate in Marketing Management from U.K, Shakir has also been an active member of Dara Adam Khel Hunting and Sporting Arms Association, A government initiative to legalize one of the biggest illegal Arms Market throughout the world (Pakistan Hunting And Sporting Arms Development Company). Shakir Ullah has over 8 years of experience in product development, sales, business development and marketing. Professional and Advisory Support Board of directors Habib Ur Rehman, Shoaib Ur Rehman. Management advisory board Shakir Ullah C.E.O, Imran Afridi Director Majid Anwar Director Muhammad Sajjad Director Accountant Naveed Khan. Bank Bank Alfalah, Allied Bank Limited. Corporate Lawyer / Consultant Shahid Jan.
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