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Marghz wanna act as if what they doing is a profit .. Like theyre presence is as Jesus was back in his days just by showing up... like these streets, Jerusalem , fux... thats just another person moved behind wit da little work needed to do to get done.. forget em.. I work to play hard... I hustle to show muscle , I learn to earn.. Dont a person dare to show they face like this work Im doing is theirs ... U aint up 6am to move boxes, landscape, empty trash... U aint signing these checks to profit for me and my family... U dont care if I need not want and want not need things... I wanna turn my back on such foolishness .. and never look to dem ever again... Thats why at success , My goal is to never ever ever to rush and fill out applications, stand in line for a interview, need carfare for a job or a interview .. to never just have a 20$ bill and need to stretch it for a few days, to never live from paycheck to paycheck... To never beg, to never want as of jealousy or taunt .. but to have for whatever I want and whatever I need... Time means money while this is some time to earn now... Just watch me climb up the ladder of success and engrave my name as someone.... Capital Dollar sign #$qually
Posted on: Mon, 18 Nov 2013 16:30:37 +0000

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