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Mark Nolan and I successfully summited Mt. Elbrus (18,510ft) around 12pm on August 2nd (Russian Standard Time). It was the hardest mountain Mark or I had ever climbed. It wasnt a technical mountain but took a mental and physical toll on us. It took us 9 hours to summit and 2.5 hours to come back to camp. The More Than Just Mountains project is about bringing awareness to Cystic Fibrosis along with raising $1,000,000 to those who suffer from this disease. So I ask you to donate. We have knocked out two of the seven summits. Please donate today at Help us make Cystic Fibrosis a memory we tell our grandchildren about that no longer exist. We can do it with your help. Mark Nolan and I want to thank everyone for the amazing support with our adventures as we have been training and eventually conquering Mt. Elbrus here in Russia at the top of Europe! (Pics and Video to come)
Posted on: Sun, 03 Aug 2014 00:53:46 +0000

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