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Master Han Xing Yuan 韓星垣 Brief Biography of Master Han Xingyuan Master Han Xingyuan, also named Ruoshui, having origin at Hebei Province, was born in Nanjing in 1915 on 14th September of the Lunar calendar. When he was three, he followed his father Han Yousan (also named Yunting) to live in Beijing. When he grew older, he started learning Xingyiquan from his father. Later, as his father had to leave for work, he continued his study with Master Wang Zhanheng who was famous for superb mastery of Xingyiquan basic skills. At the same time, Master Han learned wrestling from his uncle Xiao Changshan who was a Royal Wrestler of the Ching Dynasty. At the age of sixteen, Master Han went to Shanghai to meet his elder brother Han Xingqiao. Like his elder brother, he also became a disciple of Grandmaster Wong Xiangzhai in 1931. Afterwards, Master Han became an assistant instructor in the ‘Siming Martial Arts Association’ established by his father at the Jingan Temple of Shanghai. In 1937, Grandmaster Wang Xiangzhai summoned Master Han to Beijing to assist in teaching the Yiquan class in ‘Sicun Society’. In 1938, Master Han Xingqiao was also summoned to Beijing to assist in the teaching work. During the lessons, besides taking pile standing as a vital part of training, Master Han liked to teach through sparring and let students learn directly from the experience. Though the students sometimes might get hurt, they accepted the sparring trainings with appreciation. In 1989, Master Wang Yufang, daughter of Grandmaster Wang visited Hong Kong to teach Yiquan upon the invitation of the Hong Kong Yiquan Society. In the farewell dinner, she commended on Master Han’s contribution to the promotion of Yiquan and spoke highly of Master Han’s personality. She said, ‘…brother Han liked me so much. He always guided me with my practice. He was a marvelous fighter. He loved to fight and I loved to fight, too. So, I often sparred with him…’ From her words, we can envisage how serious our predecessors trained. Master Han was young and skillful. He always wanted to test himself and never turned down any challenge. As he won so many fights, he made a reputation for himself and was nicknamed the ‘Watch Tiger’ of Yiquan. Master Wang Yufang recalled, ‘My father loved Brother Han most.’ Master Han Xingqiao, the elder brother of Master Han also said, ‘In those days, the name of my younger brother was more renowned than mine in the Beijing marital arts circle.’ Master Han Xingqiao, a modest man, was truly proud of his brother! When Master Han was in Beijing, Grandmaster Wang sent him to take up the post of Martial Arts Instructor in the Tangshan Military School. Before he left, Grandmaster Wang taught him the art of spear (including Throwing, Chopping and Piercing). The spear techniques could be used in bayonet fighting for soldiers. In 1946, Master Han bid farewell to Grandmaster Wang and went back to Shanghai where he taught in the ‘Shanghai Health and Martial Arts Research Association’ founded by his elder brother Master Han Xingqiao. In 1949, Master Han went south to Hong Kong. He concealed his abilities and did not talk about martial arts. He converted to Christianity and changed his name to Joseph Han (the name that he used on his identity card). In the 60’s, Master Han opened a class at Grace Church, 2/F., 33 Un Chau Street, Samshuipo, Kowloon (the church no longer exists now), upon request of a Shanghai fellowman Tsui Shu Leung and a student Chu Kwok Hing who learned wrestling from him. Master Han gave lessons once a week to the two sons of Tsui, namely Tsui Kwong Fok and Tsui Fok Loy, and the son of Chu, namely Chu Po Dong. Li Siu Chuen had the chance to join the class because he was partner of Tsui Shu Leung’s barbershop, while Yip Hei Sing was introduced to the class by Chu Kwok Hing. On 4th December 1996 (Sunday), the ‘Xingyi Dachenquan Association’, a clinic cum martial arts school, was opened at 3/F., 24 Kimberly Road, Tsimshatsui. After its opening, a lot of people came to learn from Master Han. During the twenty years of his teaching life, Mater Han had taught numerous Chinese and overseas students. Many of them were brilliant people who accomplished great achievements in various aspects of Yiquan. To avoid missing any one, I am not listing their names here. In the late 60’s, some students of Master Han migrated to France, Australia, Britain, the United States, Canada, etc. and they brought along the art of Yiquan with them. There were also a lot of people from overseas, for instance Southeast Asia, to learn from Master Han. In the 70’s, Master Han visited the United States, Canada and Britain to teach Yiquan. In these visits, he stayed for one to six months each time. Master Han was the first man in the history of Yiquan who spread the art all over the world. On 18th January 1983, Master Han passed away at the age of 68, leaving behind his wife Zhu Shunhua, two daughters (the elder one Han Shiyun, the younger one Han Tianen) and a son (Han Yunlong). Mrs Han was a virtuous woman. She taught all three children very well. She brought them up painstakingly and all of them were university graduates. Mrs Han is indeed ‘a perfect mother’! Master Han can surely rest in peace in heaven! https://youtube/watch?v=0bGxuz1tXO4&feature=player_embedded
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