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Me n My wife profusely thank one and all who had conveyed their wishes on our 30th Wedding Anniversary.Thank you all. Here is some milestones in our journey of 30 years of joyful, successful and priceless married life. 1.who said ashadam is not good for marriage.?This is the one and only Marriage card, thread marriage card, and everything for my marriage muhurath, written on a piece of rough paper by my grand father.(no other invitation cards) 2.Who said marriage ceremonies are costly affairs.The dowry was shared equally and paid by my father and father-in-law for which they have receipt. 3.The most precious and price less moment of my life gifted by my wife on 22/7/1985 at night at 11.00 p.m, it was raining cats and dogs at that time.(Ashadam,pettudu muhurtham, ardharaatri, vurumulatho vaana kurustunna time lo ee pelli.(intakanna mana sentiments lo durmuhurtham vuntundaa???).Still I am having the best married life that any one can have because-IT WAS PERFORMED AT THE FEET OF LORD VENKATESWARA. AT THIRIMALA. 4.MY MARRIAGE MOMENT.Over looking from back are left-mr.ramana reddy my close friend who is now Supdt.,College of Health sciences, Bapatla.RIGHT-Dr.Raju-who is a famous urologist n CEO, SUN-SHINE Hospital, Hyderabad. 5.Marriage GROUP OHOTO- Other than 6 more friends this is the attendance for my marriage.-OBVIOUSLY IT SHOULD BE A LOVE MARRIAGE.Yes it is.! 6.My better half n me immediately after marriage. 7.The first gift of God Venkateswara- My son- who had born in SRAVANA NAKSHATRA. 8.And the lord had later given me my cutest daughter.
Posted on: Wed, 23 Jul 2014 09:15:28 +0000

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