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Meal Prep Sunday!!!! I absolutely HAVE to do this, otherwise...Im running to the closest vending machine for daily meals. Im switching things up a bit (Im typically a creature of habit) and I am trying out a meal that I found on Pinterest. Heres the outcome of meal prep! -Shredded Chicken Breast -Bulgher & Red Quinoa -Green Peas -Green Beans -Brussel Sprouts -Turkey Meatloaf Muffins -Shakeo packets (easiest one, haha!) Hint! To shred chicken, boil chicken breast first. Then, put in a mixer on low. Voila! Perfectly shredded chicken! ----------- Most of the time, I just include a pic of the finished product of my meal prep. Tonight, I wanted to show you all a pic of a VERY important part of my meal prep...especially since Im jumping on the IIFYM bandwagon. {{{kitchen scale}}} I weight out to the .0 ounce what goes into my containers. No guessing. Accuracy is what matters. This truly helps me gauge how Im doing (macro-wise) for the day. The 21-Day Fix makes this part easy...if it fits in the container, BOOM, theres your portion. Im fine tuning the process and so the IIFYM lifestyle REQUIRES a food scale of some sort. I even weight my yogurt and toppings I use for my flex bowl. Its a science ...and one that Im slowly learning. My first week went GREAT! Great meaning I didnt quit. Great meaning I have yet to have a perfect day. Great meaning Im trusting the process. I had quite a bit to use today for my flex you KNOW Ill post pics of my masterpiece later!!!
Posted on: Mon, 11 Aug 2014 01:57:23 +0000

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