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Meet Delilah, an 11 year-old deaf Collie mix, rescued by The Sanctuary for Senior Dogs. A grant from Grey Muzzle helps to support their senior therapy dog program, paying for medical expenses and helping The Sanctuary expand this important program that shows us how much old dogs have to give. Whether its visiting people in nursing homes, hospitals, and assisted living communities or helping children in reading programs. The jobs an old dog can do are nearly endless! Delilah found herself at Animal Control last year, surrendered by a family who could no longer keep her. When she came to The Sanctuary, she was severely underweight, had a persistent deep tissue infection on her leg, and had several large tumors that were successfully removed, including a mammary tumor that was malignant. The Sanctuary’s vet caught it early and removed it completely; it was also not an aggressive form of cancer. During her hospital stay, staff became aware that Delilah was deaf. Her foster caregivers and handlers, recognized her gentleness and her eagerness to be with people. Believing in her abilities as a potential therapy dog from the very beginning, they worked hard to train her to hand signals. As a result, Delilah and her foster parents excelled in her training classes, and she passed the CGC test and therapy dog test with flying colors. Delilah has a slowness and deliberateness that makes her visits relaxed and comforting. Delilah loves to dress up, and she has a face that perfectly characterizes the beauty and wonder of an old dog.
Posted on: Fri, 11 Apr 2014 13:18:09 +0000

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