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Meet Squirt! Squirt is a Savannah cat who spent his whole life with a family, until last month. At 14 years old, Squirt was giving to BARC to find a new home for. We don’t know what caused the owner to have to give up his life long friend, but we can only hope it was the best for Squirt. Squirt quickly made it into the adoption program- who wouldn’t want a rescue Savannah? But he caught RPM’s eye and his story brought him to their safety within days of arriving at the shelter. He is comfy in a foster home, and seems to have perked up tremendously over the last couple of weeks. Squirt is a very social cat!! He LOVES, LOVES, LOVES people. We can’t express how much he loves people, companionship and being with his family, in this case, his foster family. He is one of the most gentle creatures we have met. Graceful, agile, and gracious for every pat or scratch on the head. He is unfazed by the other cats, as if he always lived with others. The big dog in the home took some getting used to, but now he is comfortable around him too! He is a TALKER! You have heard rumors about the Savannah chatter, but only until you are with one do you understand. Its like music! Savannah’s are very loyal animals and have dog-like personality’s. They will play games, wait at the door for you, etc. Squirt is no different. His favorite is to leap into your arms for a cuddle. While Squirt has never met a stranger, we think his previous owner was a man. He is glued to the hubby!! Dont even get us started on his good looks! They speak for themselves. Gorgeous spots, band down the back, and silk-like fur. Savannah cats live to be 20 years old. While we know this guy is 14 since he was an owner surrender, you sure wouldn’t know it if you met him! He is just as fast and active as the young cats in the house. He would do best in an active and social household with someone who will enjoy interacting with him. If you are interested in adopting Squirt, please contact us at [email protected] and/or [email protected] You can also go directly to our website at to complete an adoption application right away for him!
Posted on: Wed, 26 Nov 2014 01:49:13 +0000

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