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Merry Christmas FBF ! I hope everyone is enjoying, family, friends, spouses whoever you with today take time to show love today . Celebrate the birth of Jesus in kindness, no greater gift he laid down his li fe. Thats the definition of real, so time an love it doesnt cost nothing . Bills already thats the way I call it. I only, speak for número uno though. This morning I woke up, like Wow!!!! I gotta inbox, that just blew me away, You busy Alright stay busy Im good . When you got the love of Christ it shines, dont get it twisted .... Unconditional & Conceit are two different worlds . My commitment is beyond Man, I live for Christ so Im gone show love regardless Im on a winning team I can do that. So this how we do 2015, family, Take all the breathe you need, Im still doing my work for a deeper commitment dont be arrogant and get it twisted. My time is also valuable , especially when you grind an labor the way I do . Promotion, networking, managing,writing, acting, sharing, building up my own. My mind lives an breathes their, an my heart keeps that prayer going. So if had a misunderstanding occurred apology accepted. Jesus is the reason every season. Im having a happy day being with the people I love . This year went by like lighting, Im going harder in 2015, to stay focused an commuted join me!!!!! The price is,(PAID IN FULL) I love you family !!! # 1 over N out .🍷🍓🍎🍊🎈🎈🎈🎈💝💝💝💝😉😉😘
Posted on: Fri, 26 Dec 2014 00:02:01 +0000

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