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Monday Radio: Bulland Awaaz & the Rational on Bulland Awaaz [between 5-6:00pm PST] will be speaking about the Arakan Rohingya an ethnic group that the state of Myanmar aka Burma has been persecuting with genocidal actions over the past 5 years - Shabnam Mayet and Andrew Day have been supporting and organizing along side the Arakan Rohingya and will update us as to the situation on the ground and how to support. rohingyablogger/ protectrohingya.blogspot on the Rational [between 6-7:00pm PST] will be speaking with: authors Larry Hancock and Stuart Wexler on their new book The Awful Grace of God chronicling a multi-year effort to kill Martin Luther King Jr. by a group of the nations most violent right-wing extremists. AND Charles C Smith on his new book The Dirty War - the making of the myth of Black dangerousness :based on the accumulation of data, theoretical perspectives and personal narratives, The Dirty War paints a chilling picture of life experiences and opportunities for young Black men in our current social, cultural, economic and political circumstances. charles c. smith is Cultural Liaison, Deans Office University of Toronto Scarborough, Project Lead/Cultural Pluralism in the Arts Movement Ontario Research Associate/Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, Artistic Director, wind in the leaves collective Is what we have planned for Dec 15th between 5-7pm PST Busting out your Radio at 100.5 FM | Streaming live Archived Bulland Awaaaz @ Archived the Rational @
Posted on: Mon, 15 Dec 2014 20:31:34 +0000

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