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Monster Alert: This is the POS Vet that was supposed to Euthanize a dog months ago and instead kept the dog at his vet office, kept the dog laying in his own feces and urine and performed numerous blood transfusions on the dog. Veterinarian accused of keeping dog alive for blood surrenders to authorities Penny Eims Dog News Examiner: According to Thursdays publication of the Star-Telegram, the Fort Worth, Texas, veterinarian who has been accused of keeping a dog alive in order to utilize the dogs blood, has surrendered to the authorities. Dr. Lou Tierce, 71, of the Camp Bowie Animal Clinic, surrendered at the Tarrant County Jail on Wednesday evening - he was arrested and then released after posting bail. An arrest warrant was issued for the veterinarian, for a charge of animal cruelty, after a couple came forward with a complaint accusing the doctor of telling them that their dog had been euthanized months ago, when the dog was actually being kept alive, supposedly in order for the clinic to utilize him for blood transfusions. Dr. Tierce denies the allegations and he has pointed the finger of blame on a disgruntled former employee - the woman who quit and then told Jamie and Marian Harris that their dog, Sid, was not dead, but instead, very much alive inside of a cage at the vet clinic. The couple managed to get inside of the veterinary hospital to retrieve their dog - they claim that another veterinarian later examined Sid and told them that the dog appeared to have been used repeatedly for blood transfusions. The Harrises have stated that they were advised by Dr. Tierce to have the dog euthanized because he was suffering from a degenerative spinal condition. Dr. Tierce has fired back - stating that it was actually Sids owners who wanted the dog put down and he did not want to do it. He stated: “The lady wanted me to euthanize their dog, but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it.” Investigators went to the veterinary clinic earlier this week - two dogs were seized from the building. The police issued a release which stated: After the inspection and preliminary investigation, Millard Tierce, DVM, was arrested, There are no new details at this time.” Prior story about this situation here.
Posted on: Thu, 01 May 2014 21:50:29 +0000

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