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More on PH Ebola.... Report has it that Dr Ikechukwu Sam Enemuo was rushed to Good Heart Hospital in Ph after he took ill with symptoms of Ebola. He was said to have operated on a Liberian diplomat who presumably had contact with Mr Sawyer. He Fell ill and died last Friday. He was ill for 3 days...then started vomiting blood with bloody diarrhoea. He was initially rushed to Prime Hospital Ph...where he was rejected and then taken to Good heart whose MD is a Cardiologist ..a consultant physician with UPTH. He died there. Good heart is on EVO road in GRA PH. The Doctor that died practices in East West Road Rumuokoro...Sam Steel clinic. The wife also a Doctor has a 3-month old baby. There may have been well over 200 contacts of this devilish diplomat who lured his young Doctor friend to treat him secretly and went back to Lagos. I hear he has eventually submitted himself for Ebola check in a bid to get a clearance certificate to fly out..he tested positive and is now quarantined in lagos..Its quite a calamity unfolding in Ph. Unfortunately Ph health facilities are not quite ready to contain Ebola at the moment. There are American experts and federal and WHO health workers in town however training Drs and other health workers and helping out with contact tracing etc Please spread the news to your loved ones staying in ph to avoid the hospitals mentioned.
Posted on: Fri, 29 Aug 2014 13:21:09 +0000

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