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Most ppl post the word of God for convenience, but if they studied Gods word and truly understood what he was saying, they would stop playing with God. Its a beautiful thing to love God and know that he will fight your battles, and smite your enemies, but guess what you are the same to somebody else and they praying the same about you. If you living the complete life of the world, but only acknowledge God when you going through, or when you need him to fight your battles, but you dont pick up a bible, pay no tithes, make no sacrifices, never strives to bring someone to Jesus, living a life of complete sin, and dont know Jesus until you trying to impress someone or get on the band wagon of the non participating Christians you gone be SHOCKED at what God has in store for you!!! Ppl WE BETTER WAKE UP AND STOP PLAYING WITH GOD you posting how good God is to you, and you thanking him for blessing you, but on the next line you cursing and everything else and talking bout how God gone make your enemies your foot stool. ...I THINK YOURE YOUR OWN ENEMY AND NOBODY HAS TO DO YOU ANYTHING BECAUSE YOU SO BUSY TRYING TO LOOK CHRISTIAN THAT YOU BRINGING CURSES UPON YOUR OWN SELF... check yo self before you wreck your self.... ANYBODY CAN BE UP IN THE MORNING and BY SUN DOWN WIPED FLAT ON YOUR you never know who you gone need.. so make sure know what God is guiding your tounge...because ppl worship Satan as a God also.... s/n: if your ranting and raving about a situation thats derived from an unclean situation from the beginning. ..I can almost guarantee you God isnt endorsing that foolishness. So next time you begin to break every commandment in the bible and test a lie... ask the holy spirit to guide your tounge and lean not on your own understanding. ..because you might just win yourself a first class ticket straight to HELL. Thanks now have a good day...BE BLESSED and resist the devil.
Posted on: Sat, 30 Aug 2014 10:10:14 +0000

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