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Must See......Must See............ Editor’s Note Since the fifth estate’s Powerless programme was broadcast on 13 February 2009, AARC provided CBC with an affidavit it obtained from one of its clients, Scott Fowkes, stating that he lied to CBC, and made untrue and inaccurate statements about AARC in the programme. CBC has not been able to contact Mr. Fowkes to review his overall position in light of this and the information he provided earlier. AARC has also sued four female sources, all of whom appeared in the programme. AARC alleges in those lawsuits that some aspects of the Powerless programme were inaccurate, including several of the statements made by former AARC clients, and broadcast by CBC. For legal reasons, AARC has not been able to provide the CBC with details from some of those lawsuits. Each of the sources is defending the actions. Some have filed counterclaims against AARC. On 15 April 2011, AARC commenced a lawsuit against the CBC. The CBC is defending the action. In that lawsuit, AARC denies the suggestion that it failed to investigate reports of abuse. After the broadcast, CBC repeated its pre-broadcast offer to interview a representative of AARC, including a commitment to put that interview unedited on this website. That offer was declined. Given this particular context, the CBC has decided to publish this Editor’s note.
Posted on: Wed, 04 Sep 2013 05:57:45 +0000

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