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My Condolence Letter To Late Adekunle Alarape. My heart burst into a million pieces of tears and sadness, it was an indescribable moment as I got the call from home to be informed with the bad news of your demise at exactly 7.56 am on a saturday morning. It exactly 12 years since I know you, 2002 precisely, and our friendship was joyful, together we walked for 12 good years and you brought we your friends joy and happiness attended the same secondary school, we where also in the same set, an indefatigable Labour Prefect of our time. We played, eat, work, have fun, and fight. We always disagree to agree. Yes they say 20 boys cannot play for 20 years but definitely not in this manner. Nothing can erase your memory, not a thousand winds or a million rainfalls can replace those memories. Not even a fearsome Volcano can wipe u from me, you are me I am you. Adekunle Omo Iya Akara as fondly called. I am devastated, I am pained, I am incosolable, I am a friend, a brother from another mother, who can console us you left behind but GOD he knows best and did they not say those HE loves HE calls home early??? Adekunle Omo Alarape the curtain fell too early for you, for us. I am in the audience I cannot jump on the stage where you are, even if I could the curtain is drawn already I cannot reach you anylonger. The last time we talked on phone was over a week ago, when you called me on my birthday to wish me well, accompanied by those answered prayers, I can see you stretching out those strong arms of yours, I see you trying to console all your love ones. I remember how we converge and diverge in so many places, oooooooooooh, so nobody to come and bundle me from home again to tour the streets, naira bet, and viewing centre. How can I ever forget your two popular quotes To the Glory of God and to the shame of the devil and Eja Nla mimi to si ma clear so many airports those where your favourites quotes. But so unfortunate you couldnt wait to clear all the airports. If only I was around probably you wont have experienced this Auto accident that caused your untimely death, maybe we would have been somewhere else together, but who are we to question God. Just as if you know you will be leaving us, I remember calling you to warn you to stop this your scary post on facebook, but finally you left this cruel world, the world thats so full of higi haga, crinkum crankum, hullabaloo and Turpsy-turvy just to mention a few, but I know for sure now that you are resting in the bossom of the lord. Now my thoughts are with your parents Mr & Mrs Alarape and the whole of your family, I pray God will give them the fortitude to bear this great loss. They watched you grow up into a most interesting and handsome young star, you where their joy in all of their trying moments. Iya akara carried you with pride and honour in her womb for good nine months. Knowing that you will eventually be born, made the discomfort of 9 months seems like chewing a candy bar, here at last you were. I know for sure that we will meet again, you have not died, you are only asleep, this thought will keep me, friends, enemies, brother, sister, families, fans and love ones going, until we behold your delightful presence once again. I know you are here, for we are you and you are we. We come to meet, We meet to part. GOOD BYE ADEKUNLE OMO ALARAPE From Yours Truely, friend of Life. Adeyanju Femi Femstec.
Posted on: Sun, 16 Mar 2014 07:58:44 +0000

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