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My DX Summit launches today The new-fangled My DX Summit (MDXS) is scheduled to open to the public today at 1000 UTC. MDXS introduces a fresh lineup of features with a handy propagation tool as a real eye-opener. Predicted propagation is based on your personal location, and by clicking a DX spot you will see the current conditions and a 24-hour window covering all bands from your station, short and long path, to a distant DX location. This recent face-lift makes several new functions readily available, assuring a pleasant user experience. Mobile users are also extensively supported which makes MDXS the first-ever mobile-ready DX Cluster. MY DX SUMMIT will automatically replace the current DX Summit at this URL address: Originally switched on in 1998, DX Summit introduced something that had not been seen before. To quote Yasme President Ward Silver, N0AX who presented the Yasme Foundation ( Excellence Award to the Finns: They basically created a tool that fundamentally changed the nature of HF operating. Now the upgraded version introduces an easy-to-use propagation forecast tool that enhances knowledge of the behavior of radio waves in a manner that many other spectrum users just watch speechless. Plans are developing to integrate MY DX SUMMIT into the Navassa Island, K1N, DXpedition. A true trial by fire..., said Ralph Fedor, K0IR, one of the Navassa team. Radio Arcala transferred MY DX SUMMIT to Kyynel Ltd of Oulu, Finland who in turn employed full-time software specialists to finish this phase and to look into the endless application opportunities that this new software platform can facilitate. We at Radio Arcala wish to thank the more than 500 individuals who were our test partners and provided exciting ideas for our future endeavors to make MDXS a DX knowledge center of the future. Currently some 135.000 unique users visit DX Summit monthly for an average of 55 minutes during each session but the number is expected to rise sharply, following the launch. Ken Claerbout, K4ZW will host a Webinar in early December in honor of this newly born portal with Radio Arcala specialists ready to explain the essence of MY DX SUMMIT and its propagation prediction tools and their use in Amateur Radio. Additionally, Santa Claus will appear on the MDXS portal in December before embarking on his world tour from the frozen landscape of the North. Join the launch festivities by sending a maximum number of spots during the first 14 days; three (3) winners will be visited by Santa Claus bringing his certificate from the OHo-Ho-Ho land of Radio Arcala, OH8X.
Posted on: Fri, 21 Nov 2014 08:29:00 +0000

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