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My Name Is ★Sunflower★ And I Am Looking For My Forever Home, And Sunflower Deserves Nothing Less. It’s Time That We Change Her Life’s Story And Make Sure That Her Ending Is A Happy One. It’s Up To Us To Make Sure She Is Not Taken To That Room Where They Will Take Her Life Painfully Away From Her. Sunflower Is Just Waiting For Her Miracle, That Will Take Her To A Place That’s Warm And Safe Place To Start Her New Journey. Please Share This Plea, As If It Were A Wild Fire Out Of Control. We Have A Much Better Chance Of Saving Sunflower’s Life, By Sharing Her Story With All Your Contact’s. The Killing Of Animal, Just For Space, Is Not Euthanasia, It’s Murder. Attention, All Teams, Let us Put Our Heads Together And Save This Precious Girl. We Save Lives And Make Miracles Happen Every Day. Today, Needs To Be Her Last Day In That Hell Hole. With That Being Said, Let’s All Do What We Do Best And Save Sunflower Now…..We Must Pull OUT All Stops, And Save This Precious Girl Sunflower, Today. These HELL HOLES Have Been On Another KILLING SPREE So We Must Act Fast. Come On Teams, We Save Lives Every Day And We Make Miracles Happen. She Is In Dire Need Of Her Miracle Now. There Are No Other Options People So Let us Just Do What We Do Best, And Save Her Life Now. We Just Cannot Let Them Murder Her, As Much As They Seem To Enjoy It. Please Get Her Pulled Now Otherwise Sadly Sunflower Will Not Get To See Another Tomorrow…..In The Sad Event, That She Doesn’t Get Saved, I Want Her To Know, That There Is A Man And His Dog In Houston, That Loves Her And Wants Her To Know The She Does Matter And Will Pray For Her Peace And Comfort As She’s Welcomed With Open Arms As She Crosses The Rainbow Bridge. IT REALLY LOOKS LIKE SWIMMERS SYNDROME. JUST NEEDS SOME POOL THERPY. PLEASE DONT MURDER HER UNTIL SHE HAS BEEN SEEN BY A REAL VET.........
Posted on: Sat, 20 Dec 2014 14:54:15 +0000

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