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My first post of 2015 and I havent even given it much thought. The last few days have been peaceful and centred around the home. D1 Rachel Naylor has gone and gotten engaged. I mean its not bad enough she made me a Grandmother now shes making me a mother-in-law, I the bloomin cheek of her. I have loved reading all of your posts, your reflections on the past year and your hopes and aspirations for the new. I find it amazing how we can focus so much energy and time on the narrow frame of 12 months, or how we make resolutions that can be impossible to uphold. One of my adoptive children when asked what her resolutions were replied, not to make any resolutions I started to laugh then realised it was probably the sanest answer Id ever heard. As I mentioned earlier, I have gotten rid of the old journal, a shame because it was a beautiful book. I have a new one now, bought in a fair trade store, with a beautiful handmade cover, in line with this lovely book Im promising myself that if i write something negative, I have to write something positive to balance it. See, you lot are having a grateful effect on me. Plus I never break a promise. So today i am grateful for my new journal, Im grateful for my daughters happiness, her plans with her fiance for the future, their joy in their young son. Im grateful for the artistic style of D2 Alice Mars Naylor and her designs for her bedroom, it is taking on a wonderful warm ambiance. Finally i am truly grateful for all the young people in my life, they are the real future for us all and i am priviledged to know each and everyone of them. Hope this finds you all well and safe see you on the flipside.
Posted on: Fri, 02 Jan 2015 22:40:02 +0000

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