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My friend really freaked out when she heard about the grid shutdown. She thinks it is going to be in early October. She said the value of the dollar means nothing because we just print more money. That the reason is that the Govt is going to go Global and have already made plans with China and Russia to do so. That there are 150,000 Russian troops stationed here in America and they are being trained to speak English and so forth to help enforce Marshall Law. That the govt has already made railroad cars with seats with shackles and with guillotine. That the water and food supplies will be seriously depleted She also said here is a former Naval base the Chinese now own here in America. So, told her I just prefer to live, not to worry about theoretical, way out theories like New World Order and Plant X and Ancient Aliens ans so forth. Interesting in its own way but Paranoia is a freaky thing and can bring a person down. Yea, anything is possible to some extent, but way out there. Culture is a very strong thing that rules and does so consciously and through the unconscious collective. Perhaps WE need to fearful of the millennials more then the ladder (lol)
Posted on: Tue, 24 Sep 2013 05:21:15 +0000

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