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My maiden name was Wendy Miller , I graduated in 1983 If you grew up in Mansfield MA like i did...and never moved away like i did.... If you never moved away and made a family in another state and town like i did can never fully understand that feeling of coming back to Mansfield ..... . I recently came back into town to say good bye to a precious old friend....and it HAPPENED.... as soon as i got on that little stretch of road going under the under pass as we always called it.....a lightning fast flashback passed right through me....all of a sudden i saw the faces of friends back 40 years younger, i was playing little league baseball, playing backgammon at the pool all summer at the apartments, playing ice hockey on a pond in the swamp with the neighborhood boys, and my Favorite...Kickball !!!!!! Roller skating and skate boarding and biking into town, Window painting in town at Christmas, Betty n Bills for bubble gum and yo yos , The Bowling Alley with Pacman and Centipedes, Curtis Compact, Georges Laundry, Walking to the football field for Thanksgiving game.... hearing the drums getting closer and louder , Blizzard of 78 !!!!! Crazy hot summer days at Maple pond, Going to the Orpheum Theater to see Grease, then to Friendlys for ice cream, The Old Country store and those amazing pickles, Ms. Barbara Trombley and the plays and musicals.... The smell of the library, classes in the boiler room and on the stage in the Middle School , Going to Stearns to get the new Tiger Beat , The ice cream truck in front of the middle school at the end of class, The Carnival that came to town every spring , Freezing on Fultons skating at night, The school they made into a haunted house, Mr Lou Certuse, Ms Joyce Niemi, Mrs Carbonetti and Sandy Levine all my favorites, CCD class with Ms Westlund, The smell of the chocolate factory, Cheng Du, The dinner Bell, Mansfield house of pizza......thousands of childhood memories, feelings, laughs , smiles and tender moments...too many to list, but every single one passed right through my body when I went under that under pass ......and it felt good and I knew everything was going to be okay........ I felt my entire childhood all over again in that quick moment as I passed under the under pass , it was great.....and I was happy and free and innocent again, just for a moment... That was awesome . Thank you Mansfield.
Posted on: Sat, 31 May 2014 02:06:38 +0000

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