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My mom said that she was going to clean up one of the bathrooms in our house. She got herself all prepared, got a bandana for her hair, put on gloves, and an apron, and even a mask to avoid the fumes. She even changed clothes entirely too! Her rationale for changing her clothes? I have the panoramic windows shutters open! What if the neighbors see me in my sunday clothes? What will they think of me? So all of this took about 45 minutes or so. Then she walks into my bathroom. So about 30 minutes later, I walk upstairs and find her snoring and asleep with all of this stuff on, and Frazier on TV. So I start using the bleach to clean out my tub, and about 2 hours pass, and she wakes up. I hear her go downstairs and as shes walking upstairs I see she has a huge bottle of Diet coke in one hand, and a tube of pringles in the other hand. She exclaims loudly Sunday cleaning is so much work! I think weve both earned a break. Ladies and Gentelmen? My Graduated at the top of every single school she attended since middle school, 2 patents to her name, Senior Chief-Engineer of Aerospace, Genius level IQ, PhD from USC Mother!
Posted on: Sun, 31 Aug 2014 22:03:34 +0000

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