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My name is Dzifa and have been married for five years now. I own a supermarket with my husband having about half a stake in the financial strength of the supermarket. My cashier asked for permission to go visit her sick mum in the village and never returned. This created a vacuum and my husband recommended a lady to me so I called her for an interview alongside other ladies I was considering. This particular lady my husband recommended to me was exceptionally good and upon further questioning I realized she had some background with finances and spoke good English. I pay her very well and she acts professionally with the work she does. Black I to be honest with you I thought initially the girl was faking because she is very respectful, accounts to me properly daily and I have dared left the running of the supermarket with her for a week and she has accounted to me accurately in terms of finances. My husband on the other hand has started frequenting my supermarket everyday which was not the case initially. I asked my husband why he frequents the shop and he didnt give any tangible reason. So I confronted the lady and she told me that my husband once wanted to date her before we got married and she declined because she realized he was courting me then. Realizing this past between the lady and my husband do you think its a good idea to fire her?
Posted on: Fri, 31 Oct 2014 08:21:57 +0000

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