* N MY PRAYER & MEDITATION TIME SAINTS I WAS SINGING: [BREAK EVERY CHAIN] (N ALL OF OUR LIFE) BCUZ: There is POWER n the name of JESUS 2 break every chain, Theres an army rising UP. 2 break every chain, There is POWER N the name of JESUS 2 break every chain, Theres an army rising UP. 2 break every chain, I HEAR THE CHAINS FALLING. HALLELUJAH! THANK U JESUS There is POWER N THE NAME OF JESUS. 2 BREAK EVERY CHAIN. ~HAVE A PROSPER & BLESSING WEEKEND~ *PRAYING 4 ANGER* HEAVENLY FATHER, Please help US to dwell on the good & the positive n OUR life.WE know that it is U who examines OUR hearts. Search the inner depths of OUR heart & expose anything that is not of U so WE can b set free of it. LORD, where WE have directed anger 2ward others n OUR life or held anger inside of WE, LORD, WE confess that as sin and ask U 2 4give US & take all the anger away. LORD,Heal any wounds that WE have inflicted, through OUR words & actions, n others & OURSELVES. LORD, Help US 2 speak sweet words & healing, 4 WE know that pleases U. Where WE have shown anger 2ward others WE confess it 2 U as sin. Bring UR restoration 2 every situation where it is needed. Thank U, LORD, that U will redeem OUR soul n peace from the battle that is against US. WE believe that U, the GOD of peace will crush the enemy under OUR feet. LORD, Help US 2 live righteously bcuz WE know there is a connection between obedience 2 UR ways & peace. LORD, Help US 2 depart from thoughts of anger & bouts with depression; help US 2 seek peace & actively pursue it. Thank U, LORD, that U will take away all anger n US & keep US n perfect peace, bcuz OUR mind is fixed on U Father. N JESUS’ NAME WE PRAY AMEN! AMEN! & AMEN! — feeling sad PRAYING 4 ANGER. *WHY ARE U FEELING SO ANGRY ALL THE TIME?* Anger & depression are interchangeable. Depression is associated with repressed anger, while anger can cause intense feelings of depression. U might ask yourself when youre feeling depressed, Is there sumthing or some1 who I might b angry with? & when U are feeling angry U might ask urself, Is there sumthing or sum1 who has hurt or saddened ME causing ME 2 feel depressed? Ppl become angry when they are depressed bcuz they often internalize feelings of self-hatred, & self-criticism which causes severe distress & discomfort. Moreover, ppl become depressed when they are angry bcuz they feel like there is no relief n sight and therefore, experience feelings of hopelessness. * WHEN DOES ANGER BECOME A PROBLEM? Well, if you have these occasional spurts of anger which dont cause much harm to your health, relationships, and life in general, you are probably fine. However, if you are asking yourself about why you are angry all the time, then maybe you do have a problem. * WHAT ARE THE CAUSES OF YOUR ANGER? The first step n controlling UR anger is 2 find out why are U angry ALL the time. Keep n mind that Uu may b choosing 2 get angry @ UR FAMILY MEMBER, FRIENDS ETC, Another person in the same situation may be more concerned about the well being of their problem. Simply said, U are choosing anger n the situation. Why? Where is the anger coming from? There is always sumthing behind UR anger. What is behind UR anger? Just focus on how U are feeling. U are feeling angry. Is UR anger masking another emotion? *ARE U NOT SURE ABOUT WHAT U SHOULD DO? Are U confused? Are U finding it difficult 2 make a decision? Not sure about what U want 2 do & what U dont want 2 do can b the reason why U are angry all the time? THE ROOT OF YOUR ANGER CUD B UN4GIVING. UR STARTING POINT IS 4GIVENESS! 2 B 4GIVEN U HAVE 2 4GIVE. GOD GRACE IS SUFFICIENT!!! [PROV 3:5-6] & [JERE 29:11-13]
Posted on: Sat, 29 Mar 2014 19:17:19 +0000

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