NATURE OF INCIDENT: AGG. ASSLT. IRC NUMBER: 140118916 OFFICER: M. Houssein DATE: 06/15/2014 TIME: 0036 Hours LOCATION: Horton Street & Carey Ave. PERSONS INVOLVED: SUSPECTS: B/F/13 H/F/12 B/M/12 GUTIERREZ, Jazmine H/F/30 Horton Street WB PA LEWIS, Chareeda B/F/30 Wyoming Street WB PA INCIDENT DETAILS: Officers were dispatched multiple times to listed location on report of a fight. After the initial response quelling any such incident officers returned to find the activity to be continuing. Circumstances dictated officers take the named suspects into custody as the combatants who exhibited classic signs of being highly intoxicated. Both females were to be cited with drunk and disorderly. While taking suspects into custody the juveniles involved became extremely combative and refused to cease and desist their behavior. The juveniles continued such actions and escalated same against the attempted restraint by the officers. At one point officers were charged at and it was necessary to overcome significant resistance with necessary force. The two female suspects listed were processed at headquarters, cited and later released when sober. All three juveniles were processed at headquarters and as charges were approved for Agg. Asslt.; Resisting Arrest; Inst. Vandalism as well as Disorderly Conduct by the duty DA transported to a juvenile detention center as designated by Luzerne County Juvenile Probation.
Posted on: Mon, 16 Jun 2014 05:25:44 +0000

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