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NHLANHLAs DIARY SESSION 10 November 2014 He asks Biggie how he is. Biggie asks how he would like to begin his session...Nhlanhla thanks every person who voted about him, who talked about him, who tweeted his name and everyone who kept watching. He thanks Africa to give him another week and he hopes Africa will give him one more. He wants to talk about the task this week, which is making a silent film. He believes Biggie will help them as usual. Asked how he felt about last nights Eviction, he says it was bitter sweet, and saw Permithias go, sad to see Namibia out of the game. He saw Frankies eviction coming, as he was always nice to chat with. He says Frankie was like a big teddy bear. He misses Permithiass music and the House seems a bit dead right now. The energy is gone. Lots of people are weary about nominations, Goitse was the only person who can relax as shes already up. He says Goitse is NOT the person to BEG for votes, shes herself and internal. He doesnt know how Goitse is coping, but she has her moments. He feels 265 is scared, Idris seems stressed, thinking he is up. He is glad that Sipe won Head of House, she gave him a hug after she won and can only hope it wasnt fake and doesnt add him. People are very aware who gets the present of the Starmeter and feels whoever gets the present from the viewers will be a target. They see such a person as a threat. (He doesnt yet know its #BBSami) He says his main focus this week is their 100% wager, altho he wanted to wager 50%. There is less spunk, and less people, so they have to be very careful when it comes to co-operation, he feels already its going a bit slow. People are used to group mentalities. People comes up with ideas and when it gets shot down, people get irritated because time will run out. He also looks forward in cementing his relationships with fellow housemates, especially the girls. He feels Sheillah caused a rift between him and the girls a few weeks back, and he still needs to fix that BUT he feels most of the girls lile him. His friendship with the guys he feels are more organic and it doesnt affect his game if they like him or not. Biggie tells him to name his next DS Nhlanhla the Puppet Master to which he laughs and wishes Biggie peace.
Posted on: Mon, 10 Nov 2014 15:13:08 +0000

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