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Needy people can drain you so much so that you try to avoid them at all cost as not to get sucked in by their obsession of feeling wanted/accepted/needed. But Neediness is very serious just as Depression is very serious. For those who never had to seek attention or approval, you may not understand the needy persons dilemma. They are lacking something and are constantly searching for it through and in others. It takes a skilled individual to know how to handle neediness. When my Father was absent from my life, i never knew how it would affect me later on. The void was growing bigger and bigger over the years unbeknowst to me until i found myself searching for that missing love in other people and things. I became Needy. We all NEED some levels of love and affection, attention, praise... Figuring out how to balance it is crucial because our needy actions can become overwhelming and cause pain for others and ourselves. We have to learn how to find the love inside of us, cultivate it and give it back to ourselves. We have to learn how to recognize that we are worthy and valuable whether others acknowledge our greatness or not. We have to learn how to stop draining people with our issues of insecurity...always talking about what is so wrong with us or bragging about the false life we pretend to live just for acceptance. It takes time and is difficult to do but we have to discipline ourselves to first go within before reaching out. There are exceptions of course, but the ultimate goal is to learn how to control our neediness instead of letting it overpower us. I do still struggle with this but i am learning how to minimize it and eventually gain mastery over it. Peace
Posted on: Thu, 23 Oct 2014 12:03:35 +0000

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