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Never get disheartened with your life.. Never cry for your losses.. Yes we r humans and we definitely are hurt.. we feel, we cry we hide our pains but just think.. In ur life u have ur family ur children etc but u take responsibility of every person u care and u make sure that they r safe and on right path. We listen to our parents, we blindly believe in our mom n siblings.. Why?? Just because we have true faith in our family.. Their scoldings their decisions all are important to us. Likewise we are lucky enough to be a muslim. Allah subhanahu wa tala loves us..He is Ar Rahmaan Ar Raheem .. His decisions which may seem for us difficult to accept, at times, are to make us achieve what He has destined us to be.. We all suffer from heart breaks, depression, we compare our lives with others, we feel we r imperfect, we r so much insecure that we dont see what all blessings our Lord have bestowed to us.. Let us now sit and think deeply.. We are the creation of Allah.. And Allah is our Sustainer.. just like the birds who leave their nests empty stomach and return back complete full.. they dont worry about tomorrow coz they know that their job is to work and Allah is there to Sustain them.. Like every stray dog in the street, every spider, every ant,.. and other insects that we dont ever care to look upon, is all saustaied by Allah.. they dont earn, they dont have houses like us, they dont even have intellect like we have, but still these little creatures survive.. isnt this a blessing that we are the Ashraful makhlukaat? Think think and ponder, Allah is in charge of our lives, every blessing, every loss is meant for us to mold us and bring out the best in us, we all know whats haram n whats Halal, and still we involve ourselves in haram, displease allah and then cry when we r not content! from now on when ever anything hppens to us which is not in accordance to our wish, sit and reflect,,we dont knw whts our future but our souls are in Allahs hands and he is indeed the best of Planners.. Lets start re living by making ourselves content with the thought that Allah is our sustainer, and what ever befalls on us is because Allah has kept something much better in reward for us.. all we need to do is have patience and praise Allah in every situation keep talking to Allah keep sharing everything because He loves to hear.. pray tahajjud, go in sujood and cry please Allah by increase in zikar.. :) try to Know Allah and read quran , the translation coz its got very deep meaning :) and am sure our lives will change In shaa allah.. And most important thing.. Every thing has a right time.. so never be impatient coz what is destined for u will surely be yours no matter what :)
Posted on: Tue, 02 Dec 2014 06:56:30 +0000

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