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Now a days you truly cant tell who is real & who is fake. Keep your friends close & your enemies closer right? Im not going to waste my time editing my friends list because I have better things to do. I know theres people on my Fb that are nothing but flies on the wall. Im sure you know who you are too. Get that guilty conscience while youre reading this? Thought so. Just do me a favor & find your own way out. I just want everyone & I mean everyone to realize that it isnt just me & Mika that talk shit or cause all this drama we supposedly cause. If we didnt have all these fakes in the middle, running from me to her & her to me, then thered be a lot less problems. People feed off of Mika & Whitney. Im breaking that cycle. Were old news & you followers might as well give us our own Tv show. I just want to make it clear to EVERYONE this one & only final me & her are not friends, but we agreed to disagree as you could say. I wont tolerate any bashing of her on my page, there will be no discussion of Jordan on my page. Richard has been her dad since day 1 so there is no reason for me to refer to Jordan as anything else than some random guy that blessed me & Richard with our baby. For that we are thankful. It takes a real woman to let go of the past, move on & admit her mistakes. Along with owning up to them. This will be the last time they are mentioned. Im starting 2015 without Jordan & Mika. I wish them the best because the best is what I have & everyone deserves it. I hope everyone has a great New Years Eve. Enjoy the last day of 2014. Tomorrow is a new book with 365 pages in it. Lets make it a good one.
Posted on: Wed, 31 Dec 2014 16:25:00 +0000

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