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O Idiot Butcher Mullah, why you preach HAD your INTOXICANT PSYCHOTROPIC followers to HALAL the innocent MEEDHA ANIMAL AS A SACRIFICIAL ANIMAL in the symbolic killing instead of your dear son on the DICTUM of the CRIMINAL CULT codifying in the so called religion saying and pretending that it is the way to adhere with the Religion of Islam through the false and wrong perceptions of Falsehood under the guise of the preaching through Quran, and than you have started killing our most beneficial animal GOAT a very pathetic death of slow DYING as Dictated by the So called profession of IDIOTIC HA DISH said to have been professed by PROPHET MOHAMMAD, who had been said to be the opposite to the tradition of Idol worship and you have killed the BEST MILK GENERATING animal for treatment of the SCLEROSIS, from which Disease, the entire world is suffering from many Deceases. Now you have Started Killing the Mother COWS , BULL AND BUFFALOES of all the Creation of this Earth namely the CREATION OF THE MILK which may save your CHILD with dreaded disease under the FALSE notion of winning the favour of your ALLAH on The BAKRA ID , but actually you are giving training of annoyance for your future planning to eliminate the most sincere friends namely the HINDUS whose religion train them to respect every creature on this earth as the creation on this earth under the theory of EVOLUTION propagated by no other but by Charles Darwin . You Think that by digging your CORPSE beneath the POISE earth of The Nation of GREAT BHARAT VARSH, and HAVING POURING OF RED BLOOD THROUGH SUCH FALSE PERCEPTION, you are inviting the DENGUE, the POISONOUS BUG which will make BHARAT VARSH as the desserts in due course of time and spread many disease, which were known to the follower of Veda TRADITIONS. I SAY ON OATH AS YOU MAY also adhere that WHEN MEED HA , GOAT AND COWS ARE KILLED THROUGH HALAL than they look towards your ALLAH , the OMNI POTENT, OMNI scent AND OMNI PRESENT GOD that for what fault of ours these BUTCHERS have KILLED us a PATHETIC death, ALLAH will not Forgive YOU for Such A crime As there was No Prophet on this earth who can Get you the real Perception of Truth Except the Fraud of 72 Hurray and 23 Nihameteys Heron PARADISE created by many followers like Saddam Hussein, Mun Gaddafi and Osma Bin Laden as all died the pathetic death as poor goat, cow in this country of Jainism and Buddhism are Killed under your false perceptions. DONATE A GOAT, OR COW , IF THEY HAVE SAVED YOUR SON IN THE PAST, YOU THE IDIOT BUTCHERS ON THIS EARTH. AN WAR SHEIKS, MOHAMMAD WADI, MUJAHEDIN HUSSEIN , MOHAMMAD SUFI, CHALMERS IBRAHIM AND MANY OTHER SPOKEN IN THE PAST THAT ISLAM IS CRIME AND A FRAUD, IF THEY PRACTICE ANTI THESIS TO BOOT PARAS THY
Posted on: Thu, 17 Oct 2013 00:01:13 +0000

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