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O M G ... No one told me ... Am I always gong to be the last to find these things out ? Why wasnt I informed ? Am I a second class Citizen all of a sudden ... No Wait ... I pay my Taxes on time ... Oh I get it ... Yall discriminating against the old white men ... Right ? Its not a joke is it ? No-Bama was made a god while I was a sleeping and no one dare to tell me. Well, Im - a - gonna - have ta Pray bout dis ... OH, Lord ... Please to do us all a little favor ... Please send this imposter im-potus straight to hell and do not let him have even the sweat off the devils b---s Thanking YOU in advance .... Thatll teach yall to mess around while Im a sleeping. .. Amen. Dem. Rep. Emanuel Cleaver: GOP must repent from criticizing Obama January 20, 2015 8:52 PM MST While appearing on Tuesdays edition of M S N B Cs “Politics Nation,” Rep. Emanuel Cleaver, D-Mo., sounded more like a country preacher than an elected member of Congress when he told Al Sharpton that Republicans need to repent and stop criticizing Barack Obama. Cleaver made his point after Sharpton quoted White House adviser Dan Pfeiffer, who said that Obamas policies are working. My hope is that they will come out tomorrow and repent, Cleaver said when Sharpton asked if Republicans have a credibility problem. They can’t help themselves. They need to repent, because, you know, they tried to label the auto industry rescue a giveaway. $80 billion, rescued the automobile industry. We were supposed to be the world’s leaders in automobiles, and we are, and now they’re healthy again, and they paid back the money. We can go down the line, issue, after issue, after issue, what the president said would happen has happened, he added. And when things like that happen, I have to say it again, it’s time to repent.” A post at The Right Scoop took issue with Cleavers comments, observing that just last week, liberals were demanding religion remained separate from government. But now, the blog said, it’s time to defend Obama, so religious terms are encouraged in our yearly religious service to worship the incompetent god. But as the blog illustrates, the term has a religious context, meaning to turn away from ones sins. It would seem at first glance that Cleaver now believes its a sin to criticize Obama. Sorry, Cleaver, but Obama isn’t my god and criticizing him isn’t a vice, it’s a virtue, the Right Scoop added. As we have reported several times, liberals have made it clear that any criticism of this president is something that is not to be tolerated. Last June, for example, Howard Dean questioned the patriotism of Republicans who criticize Obama. He had no such concerns during the eight years of George W. Bush, however. They might as well just go home they did do something, excuse me, he told M S N B Cs Alex Wagner. Yesterday the ethics committee decided to make it easier to hide the money, taxpayers money you spend when you take a congressional trip. These guys need to go and I think they get their butts kicked in November. People are sick of this. You know, they may like or may not like Barack Obama. There hasnt been a debate about policy, a serious debate about policy for the last six months. And I think that the American people are just disgusted. Im certainly disgusted with them. These are, really, people -- I question their patriotism, really. I mean, were paying them to do something and they are doing nothing. In 2012, a North Carolina high school teacher came under fire for telling a student he could be arrested for criticizing Obama. The teacher was ultimately suspended and the student was registered at another school. Although the Obama campaign did not call for arresting critics during the 2012 election, it did set up a web site where supporters could report those who criticize the president. Time and again, liberals have declared that any criticism of Obama is racist. In 2012, for example, M S N B C contributor Michael Eric Dyson said that criticism of Obamas remarks on the Supreme Court were racially motivated. Since Obamas 2008 election victory, liberals have played the race card so much it has become a joke. Now, Cleaver appears to say that criticizing Obama is akin to criticizing a god and is something to be avoided. It would not, however, be the first time Obama has been placed on the same level as an immortal deity. examiner/article/dem-rep-emanuel-cleaver-gop-must-repent-from-criticizing-obama
Posted on: Thu, 22 Jan 2015 23:10:55 +0000

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