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OK. Fun post this evening...and Kate Daigle Middlemiss and I need input from our Facebook friends. Something we always wanted to do for Joe is get him a dog, a companion. Because of all his medical issues and hospital stays, we put it off and off, and, sadly, it never happened. In honor of Joseph (because we know he would want his brother to have the pet he never had), we are getting Jack a puppy. We have been working with an incredibly kind and compassionate breeder, who knows our story and has picked out the perfect puppy to add to our family and be a companion and friend for Jack. Here is the dilemma...Kate and I both individually came up with name Ringo (in honor of Joes love of the Beatles, drumming, and Ringo Starr) if a male dog was selected for us. However, a beautiful female puppy was chosen for our family. Now, the decision and we need your input. Please vote in the comments below. We can stay with Ringo for a girl puppy, or use one of the other two names we thought of: Leia (for Joes love of Star Wars; Princess Leia) or Lucy (from the Beatles Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds). So, what is your vote for the beautiful puppy in the video below. Ringo, Leia, or Lucy? secure.smilebox/ecom/openTheBox?sendevent=4e4441324e4467334e7a4e384e7a63304d7a55334f44553d0d0a&sb=1
Posted on: Tue, 03 Jun 2014 00:57:18 +0000

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