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OK, time for a sports discussion. What is the most overrated sports play you can think of? I have two: 1) The Catch: Dwight Clark catches a TD pass from Joe Montana in the end zone to win the 1982 NFC Championship. First of all, this wasnt even the Super Bowl (but you would think that it was from the way history has lauded this play.) And second, it was a routine catch. Clark jumps a few inches off the ground and catches an easy pass. I never have understood why this play gets so much hype. 2) “The Christian Laetner Shot”: OK, I admit that I abhor Duke basketball. But really, this has to be one of the most overrated plays ever. Laetner stands at the foul line, with his back to the basket. He catches an uncontested inbounds pass from the other end of the floor, turns around and shoots a free throw over a Kentucky player half his size. Yes, it was a buzzer beater. But it was no great feat of tremendous athleticism. And this wasn’t the Championship game or even a Final Four game. It was the East regional. So, I’ve never understood all the hype that these two plays receive. Extremely overrated. What say you? Selam, +GMK+
Posted on: Mon, 14 Jul 2014 06:06:27 +0000

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