ON DEATH ROW TONITE!!! HAS TILL NOON!!!! **WATCH HER VIDEO: youtu.be/_UU7PPsspvw A volunteer writes: Think butterscotch sundae, vanilla ice cream in caramel sauce and you can envision Mints coloring....gorgeous! Her coat is lush and groomed, her weight perfect for her size, and her amber eyes mirror the coloring of her coat. Likely housetrained, she went potty as soon as we were out the door. Mint pulls hard on the leash, so she will benefit from some leash training and/or a harness. Friendly, energetic, welcoming to all, shes happy greeting another volunteer who stops by. A play group was going on in an adjoining pen and Mint watched with a wagging tail, whining to be able to join them in play. Mint is a little girl whos looking for a home in which shell get lots of exercise and lots of love. Shes ready to return it unconditionally. Another volunteer writes: Mint is ready and waiting for me when I stop by her den, so happy to be chosen for a walk that shes practically dancing on her bed! We rush for the yard and a much-needed bathroom break and I quickly discover that even in a harness shes a surprisingly strong girl, petite yet muscular and very much a tomboy at heart. Off-leash we have fun running around in a pen, half-chasing a tennis ball but mostly just chasing each other until one of us (I think you can guess which one) cries Uncle and retires to the bench for a rest. Mint quickly comes over for some cuddles and this is when I discover my rough-n-tumble sweethearts big secret - she absolutely LOVES to be petted! From behind-the-ear scratches to hearty butt rubs, no spot shall remain un-snuggled as Mint wriggles this way and that for maximum body coverage. Wearing the biggest smile and waggiest tail ever, when I massage her side she leans deep into my legs while ecstatically curling head to tail like a little banana. You simply couldnt ask for a more appreciative audience than this girl, she sure knows how to make a human feel needed and by the time our date is over my grateful smile matches her own. Already spayed and ready to leave immediately, Mint is waiting and hoping that her forever family will find her soon...
Posted on: Thu, 22 Jan 2015 00:02:14 +0000

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