ON HOLY GROUND – RELIGIOUS PROTEST “BLUEGRASS PIPELINE” Two monastic orders in rural Kentucky, the Sisters of Loretto and Our Lady of Gethsemani, have made news recently for refusing to permit a gas company to install a pipeline across their property. Collectively, the orders own 3,000 acres in central Kentucky. Both have rejected company requests to discuss the prospective "Bluegrass" Pipeline, which would transverse much of the state carrying pressurized natural gas. Williams Companies, a Tulsa, OK, company, and Boardwalk Pipeline Partners of Owensboro, KY—the companies that are developing the project—may be able to access the land via eminent domain, but the sisters have gathered petitions against such a prospect. The sisters have emphasized that they want to preserve their religious heritage in addition to the natural environment—and this history is substantial. The Sisters of Loretto have occupied the area since 1824. upworthy/meet-the-defiant-nuns-who-are-taking-names-and-fighting-back-5?c=upw1
Posted on: Sat, 31 Aug 2013 02:25:19 +0000

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