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OP report on how Lungu and RB attempted to smuggle dollars into Zambia. Below is an Office of the President Special Division Report on how Lungu and RB attempted to smuggle dollars inside Zambia using Rwandan soldiers. Part of the money came from Nigerian Muslims. We challenge them to deny this report and that the money is currently held outside Zambia. BRIEFING DATE: 05/01/15 SUBJECT: OPERATION MUGASA On the 29th of December 2014 through our highly reliable source information was received to the effect that Edgar Lungu, Rupiah Banda and Henry Banda through Kagame had engaged Rwandese Soldiers from Kanigi and Njerima as couriers to transport USD via Tanzania and Malawi into Zambia. Acting upon that information our contact then engaged a colleague from Malawi and a border centre officer at Karonga border who would ID the suspected couriers based on the description from a source working for the UN in Rwanda. 04/01/15 Time: 03:40 Place Lilongwe On the 4th of January 2015 an operation was conducted and two men of Rwandese nationals were apprehended. Those detained are male Pascal Nzabamwita and Francois Gakwere aged 29 and 33 respectively from Kanigi and Njerima military bases. Travel: – details are that the two met Henry Banda at Bushokoro Hotel in Kinigi Rwanda. They then passed through Virunga national park in Ruyoni where they took a private jet into Singida Tanzania before boarding buses to Malawi. They met the third courier in Iringa Tanzania. 2.380million USD was recovered from the two and its being held as evidence in a suspected case of money laundering. 05/01/205. Time 00:43 Place Dowa An operation to track down the third courier was excuted in the early hours of today . Male Didier Rutembusha 30 a Captain in the Rwandese Defence Force carrying a Kenyan passport and a Tanzanian travel document was nabbed in Dowa and found in possession of USD 1.55Million. In his possession was a phone number for Chipangali Member of Parliament 0977787845. Diplomatic Direction Not wanting to sour relations between Malawi and Zambia they have decided to charge the three with money laundering and failing to declare foreign currency with a revenue officer. They advanced reasons of suspects not coming out openly to confess, hence the need to protect and preserve the relations amongst the three countries; Malawi, Rwanda and Zambia. Advice Authorities have further advised of possible publication of this information once we win elections. As at 09hours interrogations were going to extract more data from the three who have been detained separately. The case is still open and alive.
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