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October Horror Challenge viewing # 43. Historical teaming of two genre legends, filmmaker George A. Romero and author Stephen King, pays tribute to the E.C. horror comics of the 1950s with this stylish, visually creative horror omnibus, which can boast superb production design, wonderful music, enjoyable Tom Savini effects, excellent comic book art, and a top notch cast including some distinguished veterans who really give their all to the production. It does go on a little long at just over two hours, but its got some nifty stories, often revolving around just desserts, that pack a good deal of punch. In the wrap around segment, an overbearing, strict dad (an uncredited Tom Atkins) takes away his sons Creepshow comic book, an act he will come to regret. Dont EVER take away a kids comic book! Horror buffs will be pleased to note that Kings own son Joe (now a successful author in his own right) plays the boy in question. Our first story is Fathers Day, about greedy relatives of an ancient miser, gathering for a dinner, and interrupted by the old mans rising from the grave. Starring Carrie Nye, a young Ed Harris (doing some memorable dancing), Warner Shook (Knightriders), Viveca Lindfors, Jon Lormer (The Boogens), and John Amplas (Martin). After you see what kind of nastiness Nathan Grantham gets up to, youll be wanting your fathers day cake too. King himself plays a luckless lunkhead named Jordy Verrill in The Lonesome Death of Jordy Verrill. He does a fine job of giving good idiot as Jordy lays his hands on a meteor only to start becoming walking vegetation while everything around him begins growing too. Something to Tide You Over is a total hoot, largely because of Leslie Nielsens irresistible villainy. He plays a cuckolded husband who tries to take revenge on his young wife (Gaylen Ross, Dawn of the Dead) and her lover (Ted Danson), but things dont quite work out the way hed hoped. This viewers personal favourite is The Crate, a cool monster story about a beast inside a box that provides henpecked husband Henry (Hal Holbrook) with an ingenious method of finally dealing with his shrewish, obnoxious wife Billie (Adrienne Barbeau, whos an absolute blast). Also starring Fritz Weaver (Demon Seed), Don Keefer (The Car), and featuring Romeros wife Christine Forrest in a small part. Things end on an appreciably gruesome note as evil millionaire Upson Pratt (E.G. Marshall) is inundated with loathsome cockroaches in Theyre Creeping Up on You. Marshall, often the only person on screen, is delicious and hilarious in the role. Creepshow, from start to finish, just delights in the trappings of the horror genre. It deserves to take its place among the best horror anthologies of all time, showing the audience a good time and maintaining a sense of gleefully macabre humour throughout. Its solid fright fare for this time of year. Look for the Tom Savini cameo in the concluding minutes.
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