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Ok I am back and I am pissed off right now about some things that happened that I was not going to air out but now is the time to in order to straighten a few things out with a few friends of mine. First, does anyone know w00t Marketing? How about the owner Ben Davis? Well if you know them or didnt know I am going to air some things out ON THE RECORD about what is happening, how it all took place, who was involved and what one lousy douchebag did to not only his family, his business but how things get torn so bad over greed that it destroys networking relationships as well. w00t Marketing was a place that people can get into a rotator that took information and injected it into your capture page for you. People paid a set price to join and be part of it. They were told the leads that were being put into their lists were good PAID leads and come to find out they were scraped ones RED FLAG! Well how I am involved is I own UPN, it comes with an UNLIMITED AUTORESPONDER and w00t needed that in order to proceed. I not knowing what was being done there didnt see the wrong in it as I really didnt know about what they were doing until UPN got blacklisted for spam. Further research showed me that 82% of all w00t members that were involved with UPN as well were sending spam to all the loaded leads and the leads never wanted anything to do with marketing. Now what proceeded from there only Ben Davis would know but he owns w00t marketing and had some friends and family running it with his the whole time. He also turned out to be one of the biggest racists online and could be seen in the way he talks and what he posts online but this isnt my point here. I spoke about guilty by association a bit earlier and he basically alienated all those who dealt with him especially if they were white in color. Now the crazier part of this as if it could get any worse, he made up a story and said his cousin ran off and the software didnt no longer work so they was changing w00t. He told folks to cancel their UPN account and charge back which by the iron clad terms of service could have gotten people Fraud Charges. UPN had to go through the chargebacks and get that straightened out and then get a whole new auto responder system in order to get off the blacklist. Time effort and money was spend due to Ben and what he had pulled. Next he went and told the w00t marketing team that another cousin stole their commissions money? I wasnt involved with them so I didnt pay attention at first but he went and just stole the money and I found this out because I was mailed by the cousin that supposedly robbed everyones commissions and was told the hard facts about it. My name and company were mentioned as a way for him to justify the theft in general. He claims i ran off with UPN money when I actually had $6000.00 in commissions checks in my hand the morning he said this on my way to mail them, lol. What an idiot. The fact that he not only sabotaged his own business, he put others associated with him in a position they didnt want to be in, he ruined his positioning in UPN where he was making 4 figures a month, made people cancel their accounts and lose money with him, stole their commissions, let a lot of folks down, spammed thousands of people, put a dent on this industry although a small one and basically alienated good people giving them the impression that others was as back stabbing and as racist as he is. Now I post some positive things and all hell breaks loose among my friends here. I dont have close dealings with scammers and I fight them all the way around the board. I would never have posted this unless it pissed me off to the point that I couldnt keep my mouth shut and it has. Ben Davis costed a lot of people money from w00t, he lost them money by telling them to cancel and chargeback UPN which if I hadnt stepped in people would have been in trouble with the law from their financial institutions and he put people on the defensive with marketing for no reason but for $4000 lousy dollars to buy some BS Bitcoin Mining equipment? And from what I hear this dude is still allowed to breathe online? Come on people, you dont need a company to tell you to WAKE UP NOW! I am including the link that Bens cousin sent in the email, it details their text chat about his mentality and what he said about the theft. I want to apologize right now to all former members of w00t for bringing up old scabs for you and if he conned you into leaving UPN and you were happy with the company itself and want to start new, let me know I have someone that is handling this whole situation and has been able to build the team that was growing fast in UPN for you to give it another go. The only positive from this dude was that UPN is better as a whole, the situation made me work for 2 weeks to upgrade the whole system. Let me know your opinions........................................ https://w00tbackoffice/ https://youtube/watch?v=7UEJg40_Sm4
Posted on: Thu, 22 May 2014 16:47:55 +0000

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