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Ok I tried to ignore it but I keep getting messages, asking me to either make a video or to pick a side..I wont make a video but I will put down what I think once and for all....though some are NOT gonna like this, but that has never stopped me. I NEVER pick a side in a war. I keep getting messages from both sides in the Gaza war to speak out in favor of them. I am what I call a bit Gaza tired. Do understand, I DO think its horrible that again civilians die. But this has been going on for decades...ever since I was little this same war was going on. I have become pretty numb when it comes to such wars and disasters...as hard as that may sound, I wont lie about it. The first thing I think when I hear about the Gaza war is oh.....again? Now I constantly see these pictures come by that try to put a feeling of guilt towards the rest of the world. A little boy crying cause Brazil lost in the world cup, with underneath it a bleeding boy from what this propoganda picture claims to be a palastinian boy. With the words: Oh your football team lost, it must be painfull for you Yeah......cause god forbid the world from turning when AGAIN shit breaks out in Gaza. Ofcourse the football boy should post on facebook how he thinks about the victims there and mope all day about it, instead of trying to enjoy his life.. Now again I see people dragging the attention to it when it comes to the crashed plane of Malasyan airlines that killed nearly 300 people ( passangers, captains and crew ). Saying shit like we dont see you people cry for Gaza, but for this the whole world cries Ofcourse....we cant mourn, breath, have joy and what not cause in Gaza theres shit broken out again. Its very sad as I stated but the world has watched and cried for ages about Gaza now....and what has changed? Nothing! As long as one side doesnt annihilate the other side, this war will never end. The future will breed more terrorists and hate towards the other....the other they have never met. Dont put your hate towards people who cant change anything.... If those governments and leaders cant come up with a solution after decades....what do they expect others to do about it? Its a disaster what happens in the middle east, but the world does not stop there.
Posted on: Sun, 20 Jul 2014 17:18:14 +0000

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