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Ok Im ready. True Blood. Im just done. Now, I understand that this is the TV show, not the book and thank goodness for that on some levels. Case in point, Lafayette-killed in the books early but all throughout the show: LOVE IT. Quinn the Tiger in the books not in the show: cool with that too. Please hear me. No woman on earth would go back to Bill after his crap, so that made no sense. The only reason that was done is because AP and SM are married: TOTAL COP OUT! I will NEVER understand why the heck we cared about Andys fairy kids and all these nobody characters just taking up time. COME ON. And dont get me started on the history gaps-did they forget what the other episodes were about. There were holes everywhere. My season finale had to be wasted for almost 20 minutes on Jessica and Hoyts wedding?!?!? CACA DOODIE! Sookie - hyp-o-crite. The only reason you even feeling Bill again is because you drank his blood - duh. We covered this in season 1! Aye. Im actually glad now that Eric didnt end up with her. He deserves better. And thank goodness, the only redeeming moment Eric growing his pair back and being the badass Viking Vampire we know and love. Driving away bopping will forever be the ending of True Blood for me. And Bill turning to goo that was beyond necessary. But the truth is, TB has been going downhill for a few seasons now. I dont know if writers go in a room and just say you know what, screw the fans lets pee on their leg and tell them its raining. Why do they do this? This is why I stop watching shows mid season. They get terrible and so disappointing. Viva Netflix!!!!
Posted on: Fri, 29 Aug 2014 02:53:59 +0000

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