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Ok, So if you have been following me at all in 2014, you know I am big into Video Marketing! Video converts so high that once I started focusing most of my energy on my Video Marketing my conversions literaly quadrupled in weeks. The reason that video converts so well, is because video engages the viewer and sub-conciuos at the sametime. For the past few generations we have conditioned ourselves to activily engage in all forms of media with Video being the most popular. A lot of IBOs and marketers dont like being in front of a camera to much. THATS OK! This last year has been booming with animated slide video creators. Most of them are pretty good softwares, but If you want the best in my opinnion, Explaindio Video Creation software is by far the best one today at it is super affordable Onetime fee of $47. Get More Leads and Conversions with Video! I Should Know! To Your Continued Success Sean The RIML Show Ps. I alomost forgot! This is a video I put on Facebook that explains Explaindio! Its only a 1:41 long, Check it OUT! https://facebook/video.php?v=902157553136461
Posted on: Fri, 26 Dec 2014 01:53:26 +0000

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