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Ok guys I hate to do this but i am in need I will be holding a lava sale this weekend and selling off everything I own and be relocating to where ....i dont know yet..... we have decided to downgrade and place everything in storage and look for a place in Oahu. and will most likely be staying in hotel or vacation rental for few weeks until we find the right place I was at Shriners yesterday and my daughters health has taken a turn for the worse and was told that me being outer island is no longer in her best interest. so between that and the lava heading our way we need to move. we will need help with boxes funds to move and then someone with truck to haul off the donations after we go through everything and take to transfer station or to church so others can have to rebuild there lives as well. I will be starting sell sat and running until the 29th and if anyone wants to send paypal please send to [email protected] as I have business account and wont have to worry about going to bank as i have paypal atm card. thank you all for everything.
Posted on: Fri, 19 Sep 2014 03:02:13 +0000

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