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Ok....so here is the story.. Friday onna and I went into town to go to the arcade and get some food, we ended up at Mels diner at the sands (gone there 100 times, always get the same thing, needless to say we go there allot and enjoy.it) So.. We go in, get seated, they bring us water and leave not to return for 10 minutes, we decided to leave. Got up walked towards the door and some guy starts yelling at us that we were slipping out on a bill...I turned around and told him their service sucks and they lost our business for the night. walk out the door and get to the car, Brianna gets in driver, and I go around to get in when this security gaurd comes at me hella crazy and starts demanding we stop and get out, that we are in big trouble, so i walk up to him and try to explain we didnt even order, were unsatisfied and were leaving..when he gets an inch from my face and starts telling me to hit him.....im like thats exactly what you want me to do so you can incriminate me, so I go back to get in the car when there is six security gaurds rush the car, I try to get in passenger when Im just about to get in, 2 people are banging and hitting the car demanding Brianna get out, Im just about in my seat when the first security guy grabs me and pulls me from the car and push me away from the car and put me in handcuffs, never read me my rights. meanwhile Brianna is being overtaken by security and she had the car in revese, she took her foot off the brake briefly, and the at least 3 security that are banging on her driver window rush to the back of the car and immediately try to say she was trying to run them over , the car moved and stopped before the even realized it and after went to the back to say she was trying to hit them. So we both get put in handcuffs, and taken back for questioning, they tried to lie and say we skipped on a bill, say brianna tried to run them over, they tried to say i hit a security, they were so sure, but none of this was true. we were held in the security office for about 2 hours while they blatantly tried to lie and get us to confess to something to incrimate ourselves, but we did nothing wrong and stuck to it. ( little heads up, these people tried to lie to benefit their cause but the truth wins so dont let anyone put croissant size lies in your mouth) if we would have been any less honest about the situation we probably would have gone to jail. Which is why they will lie, thats what they want, you need to go to jail because Im security and you are nothing, he eventually started reading my rights about 2 hours later, i told him he should have read that a while ago he tried to lie again and say he did, but he most certainly did not. so when rpd came they viewed the tape and ultimately we were let go because we really did...nothing wrong. Nazi state we live in is making its way into every facet of our lives, if you go out and eat you are not allowed to be unsatisfied and leave, or you will be handcuffed and abused, hours will be taken from your life as well as your freedom if you are not able to prove the perpetrators are wrong. So we were ultimately released but not without huge bruises and cuts on both of my wrists. And yet another loss in humility and compassion from people to people, how do you do this to people when they simply didnt want to eat at your restaurant.
Posted on: Sun, 16 Nov 2014 20:05:21 +0000

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