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Okay Marvel super heroes we did our best today! You know I always leave good comments about our work and jobs. This time I wish to talk a little about safety in the restaurant. We work on a daily basis in a highly fast paced environment. We really need have consideration and safety for our fellow co - workers. Even if they have the wrong shoes let them know about getting the right pair for their own safety. In the grill area SAFETY AND CONSIDERATION is a must! If you are familiar with the anatomy of the human eye the first layer is a thin transparent layer known as the CORNEA. When cleaning the grills with that brush the hot cinders, as, grease flies all over the place. That grease is hot enough to burn holes in your uniform. Today I got that hot ash in my cornea. A damaged cornea can cause irritation, squinting, blurry vision and even cases of BLINDNESS. When cleaning your grill look at both sides of you, behind you and let the person KNOW TO STAND BACK! Practice SAFETY AT ALL TIMES WHEN CLEANING ANYTHING. We do not have a safety advisor, manager or even safety stand down. You go blind for not being safe you will not be driving ever again or just wanting look at your girl. I can not STRESS enough how IMPORTANT SAFETY IS IN A WORK ENVIROMENT LIKE WHERE WE WORK. My dear little brother El Pipeno please accept my most humble apology, but that hurt today really bad. I love and respect you all, just from this moment on BE YOUR OWN SAFETY ADVISOR. We are all we have to survive there....muah from Uncle Roy...
Posted on: Fri, 05 Jul 2013 04:27:30 +0000

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