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Okay this is my weekend post but it going to be kinda mush Over the past three years I have met some people in my life I can not see my life without, people always downgrade Facebook or oh they are just online y ou dont really know them it funny I can remember everybody well not everybody I do try I have over 1600 friends lol but I do try to keep up with everybody and if I do not see them in a while I drop by so this is to my Facebook Family who has been there for me and what yall mean to me Also I do want to comment I grew up in a children home if it was not for facebook I would of never got in contact with my home brothers and sisters again This is to Ingrid Robertson Myreal Simpkins John Grumpybastard Hinkle Jennifer ThunderHorse Hinkle Mercury Rose McSloy Astrid J van den Heuvel Rich Sartain Jami Durkee Jami Sartain Star Jean Highducheck Cheri Lyn Foster Tracy Holland Connie Hoffman Gautreaux Connie Gennock Lilitha V Rose Moran Gothicvamp-steven McsloyTonya Mills Donna Johnson Patrick Yeck Rocko Henderson Grace Louise Fuller Jenn Christopher Tammy Devvel Pagan Brenda Lee Prince Robert Newberry Michelle Prince Angela Phillips Clark Phenitia Burden Ann Marie Vignapiano Wendy Leavitt Pelletier Wendy PaxtonSim Sim Joe West Brian K. Gray Brian Hartman LaDonna Eddie Taylor Christine Smith Simoa Quekra Isabel Avila Sherry OBrien Sherry Harvey Martin Billy D Carman JrPossoms Doyenne Thomas J Chee Lisa Rowe Jimmy Stewart Timothy Morgan Judith LeMaster Blake and my daughter Christina Blake Facebook has brought all of you in my life and I am thankful for this and yall meant the world to me Everybody have a great weekend If I did mention you you are included just not enough room for everybody
Posted on: Fri, 26 Sep 2014 09:19:41 +0000

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